AI will kill most of the IT jobs! Be afraid!

AI will kill all IT Jobs!

AI will kill most of the IT jobs! Be afraid!

The end is nigh!  Pray for forgiveness!

This is what I hear, this is what I read. Often times it’s from sources I try to ignore.

But then – suddenly – it enters my bubble. People I know or I respected for their independent opinion start panicking.

So. Ok. It’s on. Let’s go out there and have a proper opinion. Little Know-it-all, go, shoot.

AI will kill all jobs

AI will kill all jobs

Every novelty produces fear

Sure – not having dusty book stores with nice very old librarians with glasses like in Tim Burton movies that have always been there since your parents were little and – having to order books online is a pain in the neck.

Everyone being a taxi driver instead of only unlearned regulated drivers is not the same as it used to be.

Everybody being able to rent a room with a lovely person that makes breakfast and caring about who you actually are and wants to hear your story instead of hotels with elevators from 1920 with worn out fabric chairs in them is a step backwards.

And, of course, keeping typing on a Hermes typewriter instead of using Microsoft Word would have been a good idea, no irony intended.

How is this different?

Generally, everything seems to be speeding up. Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, making us scared.


But that is not new. Everything new brought up this problem.

And duzzit, by the way? The earth revolves around the sun (almost) as it did all the time. We have to ask ourselves if this is the world making it difficult for us or us producing the problem in the first place.

What’s new is that people with a proper education believe in totally unproved theories about things they think is magic.

Also not very new. But this now goes way beyond. So this guy goes on a social platform and shouts, “AI will kill all IT jobs”. The New Ignorance has reached the level of New Stupidity.

Who made you an expert of AI and or IT, anyway?

Seems like everyone is an expert in all new topics, as if it could be learnt that fast. Mainstream education and scientific approaches to processing things is not modern. Who has time for that in this ever changing world?

Ok, I must admit, I’m old. My productive work with neuronal networks was in a very dark AI winter. I haven’t put much effort into contributing for building up large language models – just did not have the necessary means for the necessary means.

But, and that is a huge one. Self-proclaimed life coaches, vernacular programmers, teacher, teacher, it’s the other way round. What LLMs can do will replace your job, an activity based on unproved material learned by heart and that can all be read about on the web.

Real software engineers’ work is about innovative and scientific thinking about new problem solutions, not just using libraries they don’t understand in scripting languages they understand even less and then think the more they can copy for free without understanding, the better.

Real software engineers are very aware of the possibilities new tools can bring and are the very first adapters.

Also. Who are the only ones that can build neuronal networks? Life coaches? You think?

Think about it. – Homer Simpson

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